With HappyCo's Rent Manager integration, you can automatically create inspections, tasks and make ready projects, helping you to manage your properties with ease.

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Key benefits

๐Ÿ˜๏ธ Sync your properties, units and their residents Integration syncs all properties and units into HappyCo and ensures all units are identical in Rent Manager & HappyCo. This syncs every day.

โฐ Schedule any inspections created in Rent Manager Integration will automatically schedule any inspections raised in Rent Manager. A report can be created upon completion and these reports will be synced back as a PDF to the Tenant History.

๐Ÿงน Create Make Ready projects Integration creates Make Ready projects in HappyCo and syncs inspection reports back to the resident moving out in Rent Manager. Optionally, you can allow tasks in these Make Ready projects to sync to Rent Manager as a work order.

โœ… Keep your work orders and tasks in sync New work orders created in Rent Manager will sync to HappyCo as a task; new tasks in HappyCo will sync to Rent Manager as a work order; and updates to either will sync as well.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Create work orders from inspections Upon completion of an inspection in HappyCo, all items where a work order may be required will be created as a task in HappyCo which then can be automatically and immediately sync to Rent Manager as a work order.

How the integration works

Sync properties, units & residents

Once setup, the integration can import all properties if desired, along with their units. The primary resident for each lease will then be synced automatically, for use with Tasks and Resident Inspections.

Any changes to these units in Rent Manager (such as being removed, renamed, etc) are updated back into HappyCo every 24 hours.

Schedule make ready projects

When a resident has been scheduled to move out in Rent Manager, a Make Ready Project can be scheduled within the next day. Each project will be created with the default tasks and inspections you have configured. These tasks will then sync back as work orders in Rent Manager.